Behind the wines are always people....people with the passion, skill, patience and enthusiasm to create a legacy through their wine.
Red Bridge's suppliers are mostly small, family run companies trying to make their way in a world dominated by big brands, big budgets and big talk. All are regularly visited personally by AJ Thompson, Red Bridge Wine Co's owner, many now are personal friends, and all their wines represent the very best of their region, variety and winemaking practices while always delivering great value for money regardless of price point.
From the classical wines of Bordeaux, Piedmont, La Rioja and Valpolicella to the emerging wonders of Catalonia and Sicily and everything in-between, all are made by people with a passion for the industry and pride in their results. They, like us, have great enthusiasm for these wines and take pleasure in knowing that even here on the other side of the globe, far, far away their wines are being drunk with the same level of enjoyment that they themselves experience with each and every bottle.